Our #DataFam Expanded! Welcome Tableau CRM Ambassadors

Adam Mico
3 min readJun 19, 2021
Credit: Tableau.com

Note: My thoughts on Tableau CRM’s impact on Tableau’s future are speculative based on my own opinion without inside knowledge from my employer or Salesforce/Tableau.

This week, Tableau’s Ambassador page expanded to 69 more individuals. These people were formerly Analytics Champions with Salesforce. As Einstein Analytics rebranded to Tableau CRM, it makes complete sense that they would be additions to our family.

Tableau and Tableau CRM are different products incorporating unique skillsets. But it relates much closer than you may think. Both tools combine to fuse a symbiotic relationship of AI and visual analytics that sets it apart from other BI tools (or a ‘one analytics’ solution).

As we advance together, One Analytics will power Tableau’s (and Salesforce) growth. Without our new partners, there’s a much lower ceiling and a much shorter product cycle. Combining these powers shatters the ceiling and removes the thought of Tableau as an isolated product with analytic prowess.

Personally, I’m hyped to combine Tableau and Tableau CRM to my toolbelt and encourage others to do so too. I covered this extensively in a past blog and partnered with Tableau recently to share Supply Chain ‘One Analytics’ solutions.

Tips for our Tableau #DataFam

  • Follow them and their extended Tableau CRM family on social media.
  • Please encourage the new members’ participation in our shared community. It can be networking, collaborations, or anything are creative collective can consider.
  • Engage with them as they share resources to help our understanding of Tableau CRM.
  • Support their blog posts, articles, and insights. I’m positively sure their work will help bolster your arsenal.

Tips for our New #DataFam Members

Our community is very inclusive, global, and growing. Besides a love for data visualization, we look to each other for inspiration, feedback, and sharing blogs, videos, tutorials, memes, and visualizations. On the other hand, there hasn’t been much overlap of Salesforce and Tableau as a shared learned product. Now is the best time to begin to fix that oversight.

  • Be seen and active in the #datafam community. You now have two amazing communities you get to contribute to and extend your reach. Take full advantage.
  • Many users of Tableau are analysts. I can share from personal experience; any modern analyst will need to have a working knowledge of Tableau CRM. Share your knowledge through blogs, videos, webinars, and the like. It may start slow from the datafam end initially, but there will definitely be plenty of supporters in time with more exposure.
  • Take advantage of Tableau user-created resources. Kevin Flerlage (Twitter | Tableau Public) created a wonderful guide on how to get started. Review that and participate. Your work on Tableau CRM is incredible, and that’s why you are recognized as Ambassadors. Imagine learning to enhance your storytelling capabilities with remarkable data visualizers sharing their tips and tricks with you for free. Tableau CRM and Salesforce are good enough in many cases, but Tableau tools often provide a boost that can extend your reach and impact.



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