My Viz-ion of Tableau’s Future: Salesforce’s Impact on the Brand, Community, and Product Application

Fear not, Tableau isn’t going away… Here are three reasons

  1. Salesforce is obviously committed to Tableau as its analytics visualizer as the tool is so much more advanced with the art of the possible when compared to other tools (including Salesforce dashboards). Per Marc Benioff, Salesforce sees Tableau as the 3rd cornerstone of digital transformation focusing on its capabilities for sharing analytics, visualization, and business intelligence.

3 Weeks of Learning

Your Special Invite to My Webinar

Getting Vizzie With It

Four recent Keyrus makeovers

DataFam Remo Hangout 5/29

Music Morsel

Adam Mico



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Adam Mico

Adam Mico

Principal, Data Visualization and CoE at Moderna | Data Leadership Collaborative Advisory Board Member | Tableau Visionary + Ambassador | Views are my own