An Interview with Autumn Battani (A #DataFam Community Star)

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I loved math and one of the things I loved about it was how certain the results were. I went into data sort of with that expectation. But when you’re working with real variables, real-life situations, it’s not that cut and dry. The context matters. The other variables that didn’t even help you get to your answer matter. And you can phrase the endpoint a bunch of different ways — including misleading ones if you need to.

Don’t hold back. I posted this tweet jokingly but with a sincere underlying message. Post your work. Post it even if you don’t love it. I’m pretty sure it’s statistically impossible for every viz to be your best viz. There are so many purposes for a viz outside of being ‘great’. Learning, growing, sharing, documenting. And they’re all equally valid.

Mico’s Quick Thoughts on ‘New Year, New You’ Data Resolutions

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Adam Mico

Adam Mico

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