Data Viz Thoughts .|: My Weight Battle + Visualizing Weight Loss

Visualizing a Weight Loss Journey


At 12 years old, I was sick of being chubby and didn’t want to be picked on or looked down upon for that (1) — I had enough problems with my yet undiagnosed autism and likely ADHD (or related issues). I was very determined to lose weight over the summer between 7th and 8th Grade. When the summer began, I was 5' 2" and 154 lbs. and at its end, I had a 4" growth spurt and lost 34 lbs. It began as a healthy compulsion and ended with me being diagnosed with an eating disorder.

Visualizing Weight Loss

Click link on image to see viz
  • A radar chart showing the melting of metrics that need melting
  • A music playlist to use as motivation
  • Charting that shared progress of the metrics in the radar chart
Wire-frame of the viz from the flight back from Cincy

Viz of the Week

Credit: Sagar Kapoor (with Adam Mico) — Tableau Learning Path

Music Morsel

Binge Watch




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