The Ballad of My Viz Collaboration with Kevin Flerlage (according to me)

The Ballad of Kevin and Adam’s Viz Collaboration

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Do You Want to Know a Secret?

I Should Have Known Better … our data coordination

I’ll Follow the Z-score

Rank Naturally

All You Need is Music (and Design)

Header King

Being the Benefit of Texting Mr. Kite

(Not-So) Mean Mr. Mustard — The Color of the Viz

Chart Together

Kevin’s cool vs. scatterplot that didn’t make the viz.

All We’ve Got to Do (is finish this dashboard)

“Who got it right?” votes as of 10 AM CST on 4/25 (45 votes)

Collaboration … Here Comes the Fun

You Can’t Do That… The Outtakes

  • If you couldn’t tell, each header was inspired by a Beatles song. 😁
  • Albums were not graded by the album experience, but just on the whole of individual song scores. Listening to an entire album as one entity can elevate songs based on the themes, production, and overall arrangement. For example, “Magical Mystery Tour OST” is my highest ranked album based on its rating of the five original (non-George Martin penned) compositions. My favorite full album experience is “Revolver”, though. Kevin really appreciated how “Abbey Road” flowed seamlessly from one song to the next (me too). I just know that The Beatles (White Album) would be a middling album for me these days and no longer in the discussion as a personal favorite. If condensed to one album, it could be a 100/100 experience, but there are superfluous experiments with poor payoffs which hurt the experience (we’re looking at you “Revolution 9”).
  • Kevin liked Ringo more than George. That got some reaction from the community. Ringo wrote only two of the songs he sang on (“Octopus's Garden” and “Don’t Pass Me By”) and was known for just getting the scraps from Lennon-McCartney compositions that they had no interest in singing on or was well within his limited range. But I can understand how George’s Indian music experimentation was nice on its own but felt like an odd bedfellow with the rest of the Beatles' oeuvre (and Ringo was the most likable Beatle personality).
  • Back to my 2008 ratings… my tastes have clearly changed in the ~13 years since I posted that list. The older I get, the more I appreciate the Beatles’ transition era. It was a period they were cohesive, explored more adult concepts, and had quality control with their experiments. With that said, some of their best work occurred after the transition era, but it was less consistent and the splintering as a unit was evident (i.e. musically the music felt more and more like four separate journeys rather than one journey).

In The End, There’s Further Exploration

  1. Here is the Google Sheet you can use to score Beatles songs and/or make your own inspired Beatles viz.
  • Make a copy of the file by selecting, File >> Make A Copy (must have a Google account).
  • In the 2nd column, select YouTube Search links to find the song you want to review.
  • The 3rd column is the only column that needs to be completed. Use that one to rate each song from 1 (worst) to 100 (best).

Binge Bite

Music Morsel



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