Tableau Community Initiative Deep Dive: VizConnect

Mico’s Scoop on VizConnect

The Impact of VizConnect on Our Active Team

Sagar Kapoor (co-founder)

Aloysius Ong

Vinodh Kumar V R

Tarun Deep Chhabra

Sagar Kapoor (co-founder)

Just a quick clip of some of the great community mentions.

Mico’s VizConnect Presentation Quick Tips

  • Watch at least one VizConnect session of a topic or person of interest for inspiration. If you are new to presenting, know many people who participate who haven’t participated a lot in public speaking and just as nervous as you would be. The key is next.
  • Find a data visualization or Tableau topic you are excited about. That excitement tends to override nerves especially when you are prepared
  • Create a lesson plan and rehearse with it. I generally begin with a PowerPoint presentation, add quick notes to the bottom of it, and then create a table in Word, transfer a 150-pixel image on column one and clean up the presentation notes in the row next to that image. Here is a quick look at one I did way back in December 2019 for the UK Virtual TUG (most people should use less specific notes, however):
  • Be comfortable with your material. Do not try to try to reinvent the wheel for your presentation. Feeling at-home with your presentation information will only help your comfort level. Is there anything more frustrating than being called on when you don’t have the answer and no place to look it up? Knowing your material makes you its expert. It’s okay if you cannot answer questions not related to your material, but knowing your material, researching as needed, or being its creator provides a strong sense of freedom, confidence, and calm.
  • VizConnect uses WebEx. It’s my favorite virtual presentation platform. For those unfamiliar and want to get familiar with its use, here’s a quality YouTube tutorial.

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VizConnect Active Team

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Mico’s Footnotes

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