Tableau Community Initiative Deep Dive: #DuboisChallenge

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  1. The artistry of the work

The final lesson, don’t be afraid to try something new — don’t be constrained by the defaults or convention — be bold, invent.

Another thing was the value of using GitHub to organize and manage the code. This allows for easy sharing but contributes to having consistent, repeatable processes. (for example, the presentation is a decksh presentation that uses the artifacts of the re-creations directly embedded).

So Du Bois let the data speak for itself in how far Black America had come despite the roadblocks. As a data storyteller, his work is a perfect case study in telling an effective story.

AM: Have you worked on a social media initiative of this scope before? What have you learned about organizing such an initiative and what are your takeaways on the community’s response to it?

W.E.B. Du Bois was a man of vision and worked really hard for the advancement of people that looked like him. His work ethic drives me to go as hard as possible, and it lets me know that I have another level that I can reach.

AH: I agree with Anthony about the “The Brownies’ Book”. It reminds me of graphic novels I’ve been reading by Jerry Craft, “The New Kid” and “Class Act”. It’s a light-hearted but impactful way that teaches young adults about diversity.

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