So You Want to Nominate A Tableau Zen Master? Here is your guide to making your nominations count

Credit: Tableau Software

What do you need before nominating?

Verify and jot down in a Word Document/notepad…

  • How do you ‘Tableau’ know the person?
  • What is their Twitter handle (e.g. their @name)?
  • Do they have a Tableau Public profile?
  • Do they have a blog, website and/or YouTube Channel?
  • Are they already a Zen Master or Tableau Ambassador?
  • Do they have a Tableau Community Forum Profile?
Zen Master nomination basic info section (Page 1)

Nominee Research

Teaching Ability

Teaching Ability nomination section (Page 2)

Tableau Mastery

Tableau Mastery Nomination Section (Page 2)


Collaborator Nominee Section (Page 2)

Special Qualifications Section

Special Qualifications section (Page 3, final page)
  • You can nominate as many Zen Masters as you desire, but putting together a good nomination for your nominees is more essential than ‘getting them in’. Please be mindful to Tableau and the people you want to nominate to make sure their nomination stands out. A good rule of thumb is 20–30 minutes per nominee and a little longer if you need to research them a little more.
  • Here is Tableau’s nomination blog post and a direct link to the nomination form.
  • If you are looking at this and thinking of nominating me, please don’t. I do not meet the criteria; instead, please think of a non-male and/or non-white person to nominate — look at the above picture, Tableau and our community can use more diversity at the top ranks. I think our Zen Masters are amazing, but we have room to improve.
  • For my Zen Master thoughts and nominations, please check out my blog on it.



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Adam Mico

Adam Mico

Principal, Data Visualization and CoE at Moderna | Data Leadership Collaborative Advisory Board Member | Tableau Visionary + Ambassador | Views are my own