Salem Viz Trials and a Trio of Tableau Legends has the #VOTW

Picture this scenario

  • failure to play by well-reasoned rules. (2)
  • person who took it and may try to use it as a piece to get an undeserved job or recognition (but I think it’s very careless to leap to assume that’s the intent of the person is to use public visualizations to monetize or otherwise tangibly profit directly from it).
  • lowering morale and desire of those that spend time creating their viz-ions only to see their work claimed or partially ‘claimed’ by someone else that spent little to no effort to post (when it could have taken the creator weeks to figure out how to put together).
  • seeing a friend rightly upset because they’ve been burned by someone’s very questionable viz appropriation.
  • Blogs or projects are made encouraging the use of techniques and even promote downloading the original viz without making it clear that attributions need to be made.
  • Many authors allow their vizzes to be downloaded — if I were young and grew up in the internet age where everything is sort of free to use to some extent (like .gifs, pictures, music, videos and whatnot), I would not automatically think this is something I need to cite — in fact, before I was part of the community, I didn’t bother citing data sources.
  • A lot of us learn by replicating actions to wrap their head around the tool and technique challenges Tableau presents.
  • Often users cannot save on their desktop and must publish on Tableau Public (hiding the viz is not the default option).
  • If savvy people are using the trial version of Tableau and want to access to the workbook after their trial ends… it’s just like favoriting a workbook — because they cannot download without desktop.
  • Tableau Public doesn’t make it abundantly clear on the application when citations should be made (a default informational bit may help, but they are looking at additional ways to protect authors). (3)

Viz of the Week

Credit: Lorna Eden, Simon Beaumont and Samuel Parsons — Rematch — Joshua vs Ruiz — Clash of the Dunes

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Adam Mico

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