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Principal, Data Visualization and CoE at Moderna | Data Leadership Collaborative Advisory Board Member | Tableau Visionary + Ambassador | Views are my own


  • Sneha Naik

    Sneha Naik

  • Manibbb


  • Vishnu Bhatt

    Vishnu Bhatt

  • Tharashasank D

    Tharashasank D

    #TableauLover #dataLover. Passionate to learn about #DataTrends.

  • Debduti Sengupta

    Debduti Sengupta

    Data lover. Lifelong learner.

  • Nidhi Gupta

    Nidhi Gupta

    Database Engineer having working experience in SQL and NO-SQL databases. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

  • Rajeev Pandey

    Rajeev Pandey

    I’m Rajeev, Tableau Zen Master ,Tableau Ambassador, Tableau Featured Author, Data Evangelist from India.

  • StephenL


    I write about maths, data science, Ed tech and technology, on and other outlets.

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