Flourish Studios Sunburst Chart Tutorial & Pradeep Kumar G has our Viz of the Week

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Credit: Mad Men (and the inspiration for the wandering eye reference)
Credit: Back to the Future


Step 1 — Find Your Chart Template
Steps 2–3
  • You will want the hierarchy queen on the inside and each lower level above that, so for mine… ‘Region’ is inside and ‘Country’ is outside (or ‘Region’, ‘Country’
  • Size by is going to be your value field (‘Wealth’) because you want your values to determine each slice size (like a pie chart, donut chart or treemap to name a few)
  • You can filter if you desire, but animating the sunburst effectively filters
  • Finally, we have ‘info for pop-ups’, which is similar to tool tips for Tableau users and I used my ‘Wealth’ field also
My data file for Steps 4 and 5
Step 6 — Preview Tab
  • Visible Levels — The levels will likely default to what was applied to the data tab, so you should not need to manipulate that figure
  • Size By — You will almost always want to use sum in an instance with a value attached
  • Auto Set Height — Defaults to selected and will probably choose to keep it that way in most situations
  • Scheme — You can choose ‘Categorical’, ‘Sequential’ or ‘Diverging’. With a sunburst chart, it defaults to categorical and is generally the way to go with this chart type
  • Palette — Flourish Studios comes with selectable palettes, which I used here (‘Antique’) , but a person can also override by color name, hex code or rgb to use their custom own palette
  • Auto-extend — Is an option that defaults to prevent colors being used multiple times, but can be turned off
  • Zoom out items and labels — These items are also colorable, but keep in mind the color of your dashboard and consider contrast
Preview bar

Bonus Tip: Adding your Flourish Studios creation to your Tableau visualization

  1. Create a web page part on your dashboard
  2. Paste your public Flourish Studios viz in the URL section. It should resemble: ‘https://public.flourish.studio/visualisation/9999999/’
  3. Size appropriately to this viz. Note: If you do not like how it looks on Tableau, you can always go back to Flourish Studios project and test there.

Thoughts & Considerations

  • Personally, I would love for a complete revamp the entire Tableau ‘Show Me’ section to a big template focused area with various chart types and so forth similar to what Flourish Studios does so effectively. This approach would make it much easier for new users to learn/reverse engineer various types of charting on their own.
  • Sunburst charts are almost never best practice. It’s basically a less insightful combo of a donut chart and treemap chart. There are so many ways to get more immediate insight. A couple that come to mind are bar charts, reducing the number of countries, comparing wealth and population to get a net worth per person and so many more. Make this chart ‘for the fun of it’. With that, I strongly believe that when animations are used more frequently in data visualizations, it will open up a larger world of what is an ‘acceptable’ viz — especially since the custom visualization can be used as an immediate attention grabber to begin the data quest.
  • The designing of the actual dashboard in Flourish Studios has some limitations. There are so many cool options and customizations (as seen in the tutorial), but you can’t help but feel the loss of being able to manipulate objects on a dashboard to add more context to the data.
  • If you really desire to understand how to make a custom chart, ‘creating’ one in Flourish Studios isn’t a substitute for building it by hand (2). When animations in Tableau are publicly available, I plan to build the vizzes to their animations, but may test-drive the charting and animations in Flourish 1st (as sort of wire frame or proof of ‘some’ concept) and hope to build and recreate in Tableau.

Viz of the Week

Credit: Pradeep Kumar G — ‘Poverty’

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