An Interview with Dzifa Amexo (2x Tableau Public Featured Author & Tableau Public Ambassador)

Feature Interview

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  • Don’t worry about the likes (you’re an inspiration to someone)
  • Post your work out there & ask for feedback (this is how you grow)
  • Connect! (attend TUGs, find a mentor or buddy, follow people & blogs for inspiration)

Be open to feedback because it’s a gift. Comparison is the thief of joy, trust that you have a unique viewpoint. Be open to learning from anyone & everyone.

Source: NBC
  • Chantilly Jaggernauth (@chanjagg): Chantilly has such an eye for simple but effective design that doesn’t take away from the story. Her seamless integration of icons and color is something that I’ve admired since I started! One of my favorites is her Median Wages for Union and Non-Union Members viz.
  • Evelina Judeikytė (@evelinajud): Evelina’s style focuses on clarity and consistency, which is easy to see from her profile. I love the simplicity of her vizzes and she’s a whitespace/layout queen! My favorite from her is #Viz5 Freedom of Movement.
  • Ghafar Shah (@GhafarShah9): Ghafar has curated such a unique design style that I love. All of his vizzes have a way in which the colors just pop and work so well. My favorite has to be his Fresh Prince Bel-Air viz.
  • Sarah Bartlett (@sarahlovesdata): I would seriously pay for prints of Sarah’s vizzes! I’m a huge fan of her infographic style vizzes that tell a story so beautifully. One of my all-time favorite vizzes is her Stormzy viz.
  • Priya Padham (@p_padham): The woman, the myth, the legend. I think she’s on everyone’s inspiration list. When it comes to long-form vizzes, layout, and design Priya’s profile is my go-to! My favorite by her is #MakeoverMonday | Safe Houses in Tanzania.
  • Chimdi Nwosu (@menscuriosa): I always look forward to Chimdi’s Makeover Mondays. His color choices and design are always elegant but impactful! One of my favorites is his MM WK 41 — Data Assets and Culture Survey viz.
  • Soha Elghany (@s0_s0el): I’m always blown away by Soha’s work and her ability to incorporate strong analysis and design for impactful topics that aren’t discussed often! One of my many favorites is her US Gun Epidemic viz.
  • Judit Bekker (@juditbekker): Judit ran with design so we could walk as her creativity is out of this world! Her Modern Family viz has my heart.

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Adam Mico

Principal, Data Visualization and CoE at Moderna | Data Leadership Collaborative Advisory Board Member | Tableau Visionary + Ambassador | Views are my own