#DataFam Tableau Wishlist

Since 1/1/21 (as of early April 2022)

2020 (as of early April 2022)

Spell check (Kevin Flerlage | Twitter, Priya Yogendra Rana | Twitter, and many others)

Date Range Slider filters that auto-update to the current day or a relative date range specified custom date (Kevin Flerlage | Twitter and Rajeev Pandey | Twitter)

Activity Feed in Tableau Public (Brittany Rosenau | Twitter)

The idea of the Day (similar to Viz of the Day) (Brittany Rosenau | Twitter)

Double-click cross tab dimension to autofit width (Sean Miller | Twitter)

Complete sheet control from the dashboard rather than going back to a sheet and making updates. (Jack Hineman | Twitter)

Stop collapsing the hierarchy when leaving the dashboard and returning (Jack Hineman | Twitter)

Global preferences and/or style templates in Desktop (Jay Lewis | Twitter)

Zoom in and out (Dennis Kao | Twitter)

Easier toggling for items in the dashboard hierarchy (sqlbelle | Twitter)

Curved lines out of the box (Eman Alvani | Twitter)

Web fonts support (Rodrigo Calloni | Twitter)

Tableau Prep Public (Jorge Supelano | Twitter and Jared Flores | LinkedIn)

Custom container shapes (Jaipal | Twitter)

Bring “Extensions” capability into the “Show Me” section (Steve Adams | Twitter)

Easy way to show all filters applied (Nicole Klassen)

Dynamic cascading parameters (Darragh Murray | Twitter)

Anchoring floating objects in dashboards (Desireé Abbott | Twitter)

Credit: The Office (US) and NBCUniversal/Comcast



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Adam Mico

Adam Mico

Principal, Data Visualization and CoE at Moderna | Data Leadership Collaborative Advisory Board Member | Tableau Visionary + Ambassador | Views are my own