Data Viz Thoughts .|: Kevin Flerlage Interview & Ramon Martinez has our #VOTW

Credit: Kevin Flerlage

Viz of the Week

Credit: ‘No Doubt, Global Temperature is on the Rise’ by Ramon Martinez
  1. The animated visualization Global temperature change (1850–2016) created by Ed Hawkins, which was viral on Twitter and other social networks
  2. The encouragement from the Makeover Monday project on this subject Global Warming is Spiraling Out of Control May 16, 2016 (week 20) to the Tableau dataviz community.
  3. My personal interest in natural sciences, and my concerns on the impact of global warming, and natural events on human population and others living species on the planet Earth.

Music Morsel

Binge Bite

  1. I identify with that too. When my son was five and I spent 30+ hours/week (besides a full time job) on my music review website, my wife had to intervene and help me refocus my priorities.
  2. Direct messages on Twitter may seem invasive, but in many cases it is the best way for those in our community to reach out and share feedback and encouragement to those in our #datafam. Also, direct messages doesn’t embarrass a person when feedback is provided and doesn’t come off as self-promotion.
  3. It’s looks really cool to make charts using math to shape and densify the data, but usually IRL… requirements frequently leads you down of path of bar charts and (don’t eek) tables.
  4. If you follow Tableau on social media, they offer a ton of coupon codes and even giveaways.
  5. The burnt pickle taste came from me, but he agreed, so it stays.



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Adam Mico

Adam Mico

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