Cincy TUG Shenanigans with the #DataFam + Michelle Frayman has our Viz of the Week

Adam’s IRL Introduction to the #datafam

Packer party at Jeffrey’s house — this may not be my best photo, but so much fun was had! Two people you may not recognize are Hunter (Dee’s boyfriend and Tableau newbie on the right) and Ethan (2nd from right — he works with Jeffrey, Kevin and Dee)
Last stop for the Apollo 11 exhibit before it’s sealed up in the Smithsonian
Umi the mummy
T-Rex which was 55% complete
1st Stop at our TUG pre-game
Some great buildings, brick streets, murals & street art in Cincinnati
Gorging at Graeters (I’m pretty sure I wasn’t sniffing Kevin’s scalp)
Joshua Smith made a surprise appearance at the Cincinnati TUG
Cincinnati TUG Event from 1/13
Hanging out waiting for the delicious pizza (Hunter was working feverishly on his laptop)
Closing down the pizza pub

Viz of the Week

Michelle Frayman — Jail Not Care

Music Morsel

Binge Bite


Not a margarita drop or drip was spared



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Adam Mico

Adam Mico

Principal, Data Visualization and CoE at Moderna | Data Leadership Collaborative Advisory Board Member | Tableau Visionary + Ambassador | Views are my own