Book Review | Unleashing the Power of Data with Trusted AI

Adam Mico
3 min readApr 14, 2024
Credit | Packt Publishing and Wendy Turner-Williams

Title: Unleashing the Power of Data with Trusted AI
Author: Wendy Turner-Williams
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Year: 2024
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Total Pages: 68 (~60 pages of body matter)


“Unleashing the Power of Data with Trusted AI” emerges as a critical read for those at the cusp of data innovation and strategy. This work resonates with Wendy Turner-Williams' wisdom and insight. As a data leader involved deeply in producing and orchestrating data and AI initiatives, I find this book a fantastic resource. When wielded with insight and foresight in artificial intelligence, Turner-Williams captures the essence of data’s transformative power.

The book unfurls with an informed, future-focused tone, serving as a guiding star for board members and executives embarking on the AI journey. Its style — a harmonious blend of conversational clarity and professional rigor — is also particularly well-suited for those of us who work in the trenches of data and AI enablement and integration. Turner-Williams is adept at distilling complex AI concepts into visualizable insights, like translating data patterns into compelling narratives in a dashboard.

Drawing from my background in building and supporting AI efforts, I can attest to the relevance of the book’s practical wisdom. Turner-Williams' real-life transformations and case studies are not mere anecdotes; they reflect the ground realities we face while steering data strategies. The concept of “Data by Design,” which she champions, rings true for those of us committed to crafting infrastructures where data’s integrity, quality, and security are paramount—pillars without which AI cannot stand.

While the author’s enthusiasm for the potential of AI is infectious, her balanced approach to discussing its ethical implications is commendable. Turner-Williams does not shy away from the complexities of AI ethics, a subject I hold in high regard as a data strategist conscious of the power and responsibilities of our digital endeavors.

The book’s occasional business jargon could be perceived as a nod to the professional audience it addresses. As someone who often bridges the gap between technical teams and business or executive leadership, I find these instances resonate where AI’s strategic decisions are made.

Effectively, Wendy Turner-Williams’ “Unleashing the Power of Data with Trusted AI” is a manifesto for the modern data leader. It underscores the strategic imperatives of AI, catalyzing growth and innovation, and mirrors the complexities and rewards in my professional life. It is an essential read for those looking to chart a course through the exhilarating and uncharted waters of AI in the corporate world.



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