Big Announcements: My New Blog and Resuming DataFam Interviews (we need your help)

Adam Mico
3 min readJul 18, 2021

My Brand New Keyrus Blog

My Keyrus US Blog Profile Link

Last week, I began writing for the Keyrus US blog. That blog will focus on Tableau content related to tutorials, new release features, and related content.

Credit: Keyrus US

It is important to Keyrus and me that we spend time providing tools to our community. Although it is a company blog, this is not more about giving back and sharing knowledge with others. I’m very thankful for that opportunity and ask that you support the blog by checking it out so they know some people value that content, and I can continue utilizing work time for that purpose.

My 1st post covered end-to-end solutions applying the one analytic power of Tableau CRM and Tableau. Here is that article. Since I shared it, but not specifically as my post, it will probably land in the ‘in case you missed it (ICYMI)’ section. However, please check it out as it covers, at a high level, the application of Einstein Discovery with Tableau Desktop and includes three .gifs based on specific use cases from models I created in Tableau CRM to include in Tableau vizzes. Considering building the vizzes, models in Tableau CRM, and writing, I spent significantly more time on this post than on my regular blog posts.

Side note: Please check out my brand new on-demand (free) webinar with Tableau and our Data Science Director: Harness the Power of Advanced Analytics for Faster, Smarter Pricing & Promotions — Keyrus. We had a lot of fun and hope you enjoy it! Here is last month’s webinar, but focused on supply chain (with three instead of two use cases).

New DataFam Interview Series

The primary focus of this blog will be the #DataFam interview series. Priya and I have interviewed many people in our community, but there are so many people that come on our scene and make an impact immediately. Unfortunately, we can’t always catch them all, and as a result, we need your help!

Here is the nomination form for #datafam interviews. It’s a short form that asks a few questions to better and more quickly fold the nominees in a list.

To help you see who we interviewed and to access old interviews, please click this sheet.


  1. This doesn’t include former Viz of the Week interviews or guest posts.
  2. Although the interviews will consistently focus on Tableau community members, I am an inclusion activist and do not believe in highlighting only Zen Masters or Ambassadors. Instead, I want a diverse panel of interviewees covering different backgrounds, points of view, and approaches to data visualization. Specifically, the best guests are candid, represent the community now, and where it should evolve.

#DataVizThoughts Editing Team

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