An Interview with Ghafar Shah (Most Growth Vizzie Award Winner, Tableau Public Featured Author, 2020 & Blogger)

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I feel like some of the most underrated skills you need to be effective in a data viz role is having a natural curiosity to experiment with new designs and storytelling while understanding the larger scope of the data.

The relationships I developed with members of the Tableau community has been the greatest win for me. It was through the friendship building process that I eventually became a better designer and an active member of the analytics community. My tip for anyone starting out in this space is to share your vizzes on Twitter and ask for feedback. Always remember to thank them for their time and support.

I highly recommend joining the weekly MakeoverMonday data exercises. Do not overthink it. My first few vizzes were actually not great but I sometimes scroll through my Tableau Public portfolio to remind myself of the hard work, dedication, and considerable amount of time I had spent crafting my design skills. I must admit that it will be a slow-building process and you probably will not get as many followers or attention on Twitter. Just let it flow. Before you know it, your work will be inspiring so many others in the community. It actually took me two solid years to craft my own design skills and eventually become a Tableau Public Featured Author.

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