An Interview with Bridget Cogley (A 5-Time Tableau Zen Master and Data Ethicist)

Feature Interview

Credit: Bridget Cogley “Injection Tracker”
A part of Kelly’s garden. It was a key benchmark of success.
Kelly’s backyard garden. It gives you an idea of how she thought about space and designed it around delight everywhere.
This poster presented at Tapestry 2016 shows some of the analysis of Kelly’s work.
2015 TC
Michael Cristiani, community founder, and extraordinary human. 2017 TC

It’s a big reason I push for representation, and balance and belonging within recognition. It’s a lot easier to be something when you see someone like you in the first place.

TC19, after Zens on Stage. The community rallied around me after Kelly died and provided so much support. Thank you.
Viz on learning to read, another area of interest. Select the viz to access the interactive version.

The words on the blog are definitely heavily considered. We read so much now, what with social media and the general proliferation of words online. I want to leave a fingerprint and a memory, for people to preserve how they feel when they come to the blog.

Books and cats

The challenge with data is that it’s not neutral, even though we’re often sold that it is. We humans choose what we collect, how it’s collected, and what is overtly not considered. All of this informs our analyses.

With interpreting, it’s easy to see the language transformation. What’s hard to see is what else goes into that rendition, and trust is pivotal. There’s an expression I learned very early with interpreting: you can’t be neutral on a moving train. The reality is things will happen and you have to react in real time. Opting not to act is still choosing. Data, too, is a moving train. The amount of data we have, what assumptions are baked in, and how it’s used all fuel the train. We can opt to totally ignore this, but that’s still a choice. Data ethics require us to acknowledge that.

Curried potato soup with tater tots

Binge Bite

Music Morsel



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