An Interview with Alexander Varlamov (A Tableau Zen Master and Public Ambassador)

Feature Interview

Alexander in 2003 or 2004 working on an experiment using an American spectrometer ‘Varian’ from Palo Alto, CA that draws graphs on paper.

I would recommend to people starting in the community: no fear, be yourself, practice and try to make do something new for yourself in each next visualization. So step by step you will significantly improve your data skills and it can drastically change your life.

  • Wendy Shijia (info linked above) whose vizzes are a great combination of technical skills and design. I absolutely love everything that Wendy creates, and ‘Burj Khalifa’ is my favorite (see below).
Credit: Wendy Shijia (select the image to access interactive visualization)
  • Marc Reid (Twitter | Tableau Public) has a unique blog with detailed explanations of different techniques in Tableau. My favorite viz of his is ‘Museum of Modern Art Collection’ (see below).
Credit: Marc Reid (select the image to access the interactive visualization)
  • Ivett Kovacs (Twitter | Tableau Public) produces very attractive and inspirational vizzes. My favorite viz of hers is ‘Celebrations Around The World’ (see below).
Credit: Ivette Kovacs (select the image to access the interactive visualization)
  1. I graduated from music school, bayan (accordion class), sometimes I play it. (Mico’s Note: Here’s a video I saw on a cool bayan performance.)
  2. I do almost all visualizations at night (between 10 PM and 2 AM) and I come up with visualization ideas while taking a bath or running in the forest.

Mico’s Odds and Ends

  • On 3/15, Tableau published Allen Hillary’s (Twitter | Blog) interview of Hunter Hansen (Twitter | YouTube) and me on Neurodiversity and Data. It was a deeply personal reflection and encourage you to read and share to help get a little bit more of an understanding of the subject from two people on the autism spectrum (with a person who asks great questions). Check it out here.
Credit: Tableau
  • On 3/20, we had our 2nd monthly #DataFam Remo Hangout. It was an incredibly fun gathering of 42 DataFam members. Here a pic of many of us… The next one is tentatively planned for 4/17 at 10 AM Chicago time!
Credit: The #DataFam

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Adam Mico

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