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Keyrus US’ Tableau Evangelist and Tableau Ambassador. Views are very much my own. Priya Padham assists on #DataFam Interviews.

TL;DR: A sincere investment in the #DataFam can be a life-changer

Flashback to 2019…

Link to the playable mosaic version!

Introduction (by Adam Mico)

The #DataFam is a collection of people who love Tableau. It’s grown from a marketing hashtag to an increasingly inclusive global community of users who share much more than their love of the product.

My participation in the datafam community did not begin until August 2019 (5 years after I started with the tool). As many will share, it not only made me better with the tool, the friends you gain and initiatives to support can also help enrich your personal life.

Following the 2019 Tableau Conference, for American Thanksgiving, I wanted the spirit…

Note: My thoughts on Tableau CRM’s impact on Tableau’s future are speculative based on my own opinion without inside knowledge from my employer or Salesforce/Tableau.

This week, Tableau’s Ambassador page expanded to 69 more individuals. These people were formerly Analytics Champions with Salesforce. As Einstein Analytics rebranded to Tableau CRM, it makes complete sense that they would be additions to our family.

Tableau and Tableau CRM are different products incorporating unique skillsets. But it relates much closer than you may think. …

Tableau Public and Twitter-verse can’t get enough of infographics or data art, but LinkedIn and employment recruiters dig business dashboards as much if not more. Is there room for both?

I have created business dashboards for a very long time in Tableau and have dabbled in infographic-ish design since I joined the #datafam in 2019. Both have had a huge impact on me in very different ways. Business dashboards provide insight, inspire interactivity, drive long-term business decisions that can be incredibly important. Infographics are beautiful pictures of bite-sized chunks of insight and when done incredibly well are gallery-worthy and mind-absorbing.

The case for infographics

Many people lurk and admire data visualizer content on Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Reddit, but don’t leap to level up their own portfolio. There are so many reasons you should (without delay) and here are 7 of mine. I consider this more of a continuation of Avinash Reddy Munnangi’s (Twitter | Tableau Public) great post on VizArtPandey. If you are unfamiliar with Tableau Public or need a quick overview, please check his article out.

At Keyrus US’ next internal TUG, I will be talking about our Tableau Public site (more content coming soon) and Tableau Public in general. It pushed…

This article is a speculative piece based on the thoughts of Adam Mico. They do not represent Keyrus or Tableau. There is no ‘inside info’ that contributed to this article.

My new job, recent training, and thoughts about the community made me think deeply about Tableau’s future. This is an era of change, and I don’t see our Tableau experience being the same. Although change is unnerving, I believe if we are prepared, it will ultimately be great for Tableau lovers worldwide. I’m effectively betting my livelihood on it.

Tableau is evolving. It’s not an isolated visual analytics tool any…

With a proper nod to Rodrigo Calloni (Twitter | Blog), I’m still Tableau-ing to the fullest, just a different delivery system.

Up Next

Last week, I began my journey with Keyrus US. It’s a vibrant and growing company with an incredible culture. The people there are very talented and care deeply about their work. You never run out of work or purpose. I love that!

However it means, I’ll have less time, during the acclimation period, to hang out, help with the initiatives I care deeply about and blogging. With that written, you will get plenty of content from me (albeit different…

A weekly blog about the ‘data viz’-making process, #datafam / data analytics member interviews, & entertainment for introverts (consisting of a binge bite and music morsel).

The Ballad of Kevin and Adam’s Viz Collaboration

A weekly blog about the ‘data viz’-making process, #datafam / data analytics member interviews, & entertainment for introverts (consisting of a binge bite and music morsel).

Feature Interview

Mico’s Intro: Kasia (Twitter | LinkedIn | Tableau Public | Instagram) has been one of my favorite Tableau Public designers since my early community days in 2019. She was also an early Viz of the Week victor when our blog shared that prop. Although she doesn’t publish often, she more than makes up for output infrequency with work quality. Her vizzes consistently astonish me. Kasia’s design and application are otherworldly and when exploring deeper…

A weekly blog about the ‘data viz’-making process, #datafam / data analytics member interviews, & entertainment for introverts (consisting of a music morsel & a binge bite).

Feature Interview

Mico’s Intro: I’ve known of Zak Geis (Twitter | Tableau Public | LinkedIn | Site) for going on two years. Before meeting him with many others in Cincinatti before the awful pandemic hit, he was a quiet community amplifier who created incredible visualizations. In Cincy, I realized what an awesome and funny guy Zak is (but also noticed his incredible ability to multitask). I was so happy he was announced as an ambassador…

Adam Mico

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