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Keyrus US’ Tableau Evangelist and Tableau Ambassador | Data Leadership Collaborative Advisory Board Member. | Views are my own | Co-Editor: Priya Padham

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Introduction (by Adam Mico)

The #DataFam is a collection of people who love Tableau. It’s grown from a marketing hashtag to an increasingly inclusive global community of users who share much more than their love of the product.

My participation in the datafam community did not begin until…

Feedback provides users with an opportunity to learn quickly. What are the pros and cons of different types of feedback? How can we make it impactful while minimizing pain points?

Credits: Nicolas Picard via Unsplash and Adam Mico

I received and given constructive feedback from and to hundreds (if not thousands) of people on thousands of visualizations. I’ve…

Shared data visualizations on social media are at an alarmingly high level — this leaves many people discouraged and afraid to share. Spoiler alert: We have all felt that way!

Credits: Chris Yang of Unsplash and Adam Mico

Note: The data visualization tool focused on here is Tableau, but many items mentioned apply to all data visualization tools.

During my Dreamforce interview on Wednesday, I related that my journey only just began in 2019. I provided a couple of bits but didn’t have time to share all of…

Credit: Salesforce and Adam Mico

Please Join Me As I Take Part in a Dreamforce Tier-1 Keynote Event on the Trailblazer Channel (Tuesday, 9/22 from 2:30 PM — 3:00 PM PST)!

Since working at Keyrus US, I’ve had the fantastic opportunity of working with the One Analytics application of Tableau CRM + Tableau! This journey…

3 Reasons Why You Should Take Advantage (with a little context)

Credit: Data Leadership Collaborative, e180, Tableau/Salesforce

At Tableau Conference 2020, I was introduced to the Braindates platform. It was a fun way to micro-network, collaborate on engaging topics, and understand concepts better in a short format. People can meet one on one or in a small group setting. At the Tableau Conference, while the community was…

2021 has been an incredible year for me professionally and personally. Still, I was super excited to be selected as a Round 1 IronViz Qualifying Judge with all of these super talented and first-rate members of our community. …

Credit: Adam Mico

A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing blogs and came across “How to Visualize the Rest of Your Life” by Dr. Gregor Scheithauer (Twitter | Blog) via Towards Data Science. At 1st, it saddened me as it made me contemplate my own mortality. However, that despondency quickly shifted to…

My Brand New Keyrus Blog

My Keyrus US Blog Profile Link

Last week, I began writing for the Keyrus US blog. That blog will focus on Tableau content related to tutorials, new release features, and related content.

Credit: Tableau and Twitter

This year there are six groups of Tableau Ambassadors waiting to serve. In addition, Tableau’s community (with self-nominations) provides a pool of candidates to choose from to team with Tableau to help navigate the future of the product and our community. Here is Tableau’s fantastic introductory blog post on the…

I get excited about all new Tableau releases. Every release adds tools to either make it more functional or pushes it beyond a data visualization engine and a selling point to attract new users to Tableau. The particular piece that caught me in this release is Explain Data!

Explain Data…

Adam Mico

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